Planning Incredible Events

Planning Incredible Events

Moonwalk Rental Safety Tips

by Angel Foster

Renting inflatable "moonwalk" or "bouncy" houses to set up at a child's party is a great way to keep kids active and entertained. Many children get excited when they see the party they are attending has an inflatable moonwalk house on the property, and they may run off to try it out right away. If you are the one throwing the party, stop each child before they get inside and give them a rundown of safety rules to follow. Here are some tips to use when providing moonwalk rentals at your child's party.

Keep An Adult On Watch

Make sure there is an adult watching the children inside the moonwalk house at all times. Ask for volunteers so that parents can switch off the duty, giving them the chance to enjoy the party with their child when they are not on watch. Give all volunteers instructions to follow regarding the rules of the moonwalk and make sure they follow them precisely so no one gets hurt while playing inside. Have the adult stand at the doorway so they can give each child last-minute instructions before they go inside the moonwalk.

Do A Check Of Property

Before a child goes inside the moonwalk house, make sure they take their shoes off so they do not hurt anyone or damage the equipment. Ask each child to empty their pockets before going inside so nothing falls out, possibly causing injury to someone who bounces on top of it. Ask children to remove any jewelry before going inside so it does not puncture the material of the moonwalk.

Give Kids Allotted Times

If there are different age groups at your party, it is wise to designate times for younger children to use the moonwalk house away from older children. Switch off between age groups so all children attending will have ample time playing inside the moonwalk house. Limit the number of children playing inside the house to reduce the risk of injury.

If the moonwalk house is filled to your designated capacity, have additional children wait in line near the doorway. When one child comes out, another can go in their place. If no one comes out, blow a whistle signifying that it is time for a switch-off so the kids waiting in line can have a turn.

Know When To Stop

If children seem to be getting too wild inside the moonwalk house, call a break so they will have a chance to settle down before you reopen the inflatable toy for playtime. Often after sugary snacks or drinks, children will get a burst of energy, making it difficult to calm them easily. Place a quiet game or open gifts to distract them from the moonwalk house until after they have some downtime.

If it starts to rain, have the kids get out of the moonwalk house until after it passes as it will make the flooring very slippery. Have someone use a towel to soak any moisture from the flooring before allowing the kids to return inside.


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