Planning Incredible Events

Planning Incredible Events

Tips For Saving Money On Your Outdoor Wedding Furniture Rental

by Angel Foster

Are you in the middle of planning an outdoor wedding? Are you trying to think of ways to cut down on costs for your outdoor furniture rental? Here are a few ways to save money, without sacrificing your guests' enjoyment:

Consider renting a-la-carte: Your choice for outdoor furniture rental will probably have a variety of packages available. These packages may include things like a certain number of chairs, tables and linens. On the surface, it looks like you're getting a good deal. However, if you're not expecting that exact number of guests, you could end up paying substantially more for the extras. For example, if a particular package includes 250 chairs, but you're only expecting 200 guests, it may be cheaper to rent only the chairs you need and to add the tables and other accessories on separately.

Save money on cleaning costs: Ask a friend to keep an eye out for chairs being used improperly. They should be bold enough to approach someone that is using the chair seat for a drink holder, yet diplomatic enough to ask a child not to climb on the chair without ruffling any feelings. An announcement at the beginning of the reception to "mind the chairs" usually isn't enough to help people remember to be careful because they're focused more on the event itself. They may get so overcome by the excitement of the day that they neglect to treat the furniture properly. Your friend can quietly approach errant guests and politely remind them about being careful with the rented furniture. Their efforts at preventing dirty footprints or spill marks will reduce the cleaning costs when the chairs are returned to the vendor.

Move chairs instead of renting extras: Are you exchanging vows in an outdoor setting, then walking the entire group to the reception area at the same venue? Instead of renting chairs for each spot, save money on your outdoor furniture rental by only renting one set of chairs. Before the wedding, solicit volunteers from ushers, relatives, or friends to move the chairs from one spot to another after you've been officially pronounced a married couple. Make sure to have refreshments ready at the reception spot while your guests are waiting for the chairs to be set up. You may want to rent a few extra chairs for the musicians, so that they can already be set up and everyone can enjoy music during the waiting period. The refreshments and music will turn the wait from an awkward silent period into a fun time of light socializing.


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