Planning Incredible Events

Planning Incredible Events

Two Tips To Help You Throw An Amazing Military Reunion

by Angel Foster

Reuniting with people that you shared military experiences with can be a wonderful way for you to relive fond memories.  However, since you and your former military buddies have likely gone down very diverse paths, you may be at a bit of a loss concerning how to plan a military reunion that can help your crew bond again.  Use this information to learn more about how you can put together a reunion that helps you reconnect with your former military friends.

Stir Up Excitement With The Invitation

The invitation to your military reunion is the perfect way to stir up interest for your event.  Rather than stick with a traditional invite, take the time to create an invitation that will make people want to attend. 

Look for old pictures that feature you and your comrades in the barracks, at military school or out in the field.  If you are having a hard time locating pictures, you would be surprised at how much footage you can obtain simply by visiting the social media websites of those you served military time with.  After you have the pictures, take them to a printing shop and have customized invitations made up that feature the pictures.  You may even want to have a multi-page invitation that lists names, special dates and that prominently showcase the pictures.  Doing this is the perfect way to elevate your event in the minds of those you invite so that they will be ready to show up.

Pick A Geographic Theme

Another planning tip that you can use to help create a great military reunion is to pick a geographic theme.  For example, if you and your military friends attended a training camp that was in the South, go with a southern theme that features some of the foods that you used to eat while in military school.  Conversely, if you were all stationed at an international location, choose foods and decorations that stir up the memories of those days. 

The moment that your military comrades enter the room and see the décor that reminds them of days gone by, they will begin to talk among themselves and share stories.  This helps to break the ice so that your event feels like a warm reunion of close friends.

A few, simple details is all it takes to make your military reunion a day to remember.  When you're planning your event, use these tips so you can have an amazing event.


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