Planning Incredible Events

Planning Incredible Events

3 Things To Consider Before You Plan Group Dining In A Favorite Restaurant

by Angel Foster

So, you have decided to hold a large family celebration in a restaurant in honor of something really spectacular (e.g., an engagement, a wedding, a baby shower, an anniversary, etc.). You probably have a few favorite restaurants in mind as well. While many restaurants are able to accommodate large group dining in their facilities, you still may have your work cut out for you. Here are four things to take into consideration and investigate before you book your event at your favorite restaurant.

The Size of Your Party

Have you confirmed exactly how large your party is? Many restaurants will want to know the size of your party before they make your reservations on the date you have requested. If you request too many tables, that is money lost. If you request too few tables, the restaurant may not be able to seat your entire party. Before you make your reservations, confirm with all of your guests whether or not they will be there.

The Restaurant's Availability to Other Diners

Another thing to ask the host or hostess at the restaurant is whether or not your party will have a private and separate dining area. Some restaurants may have a separate "party room," but still seat other patrons close by. You may also find that there is no separate room for your event, and that several tables will be pushed together to accommodate your party in the dining area with dozens of other diners that are not on your invite list. If you want a strictly closed off private dining area for your guests, be sure to ask for this specifically when you call restaurants and ask them about large party reservations.

Pre-Ordering Menu Items

To make it easier on the chefs and kitchen staff, some restaurants offer menu pre-orders, typically taken the night before or the morning of your event. This allows the chefs and kitchen staff to prepare absolutely everything they will need in advance to your party's arrival. It also means that your large group will be able to sit down to a hot, delicious meal of exactly what they pre-ordered and not be disappointed by long wait times or dishes that have to be removed from the menu because the kitchen is out of an ingredient. In essence, you and your group are reserving your food choices so that you can be guaranteed your preferences. This is another restaurant practice you will have to ask each host/hostess about when you call your favorite restaurants to inquire about party reservations.


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